10 Essential Tips For Users To Increase Android’s Performance


1. Know your Device


It is critical that you find out about the capacities and disadvantages of your telephone. Try not to overburden your telephone with asset hungry applications which would some way or another corrupt your telephone’s execution to your detriment.


2. Redesign your Android

In the event that you haven’t upgraded your Android telephone to the most recent firmware, you ought to. Google conveys awesome enhancements to each new arrival of the Android working framework, including upgrades that guarantee solidness, higher execution rate and availability alongside other easy to use new elements.


Tablets can likewise keep running on ICS and Jelly Bean now; you ought to have the capacity to upgrade it until Android 4.1 Jelly Bean by means of System redesigns (Check under ‘About telephone’).


3. Evacuate Unwanted Apps


Each application you introduce in your telephone consume some storage space and runs some foundation forms. The more storage room possessed or the more foundation procedures running on your telephone, the slower your telephone’s execution.


Try not to introduce applications you barely utilize. Keep just the applications that you require and in the event that you have an application that isn’t generally valuable, you can uninstall or incapacitate it.

4. Impair Unnecessary Apps


‘Execution colleague’ was acquainted in Android ICS with offer you some assistance with disabling applications that you needn’t bother with. Impairing applications is not quite the same as uninstalling applications – uninstallation expel application records from the telephone yet no document is uprooted/erased when you handicap it. These debilitated applications are not appeared on the home screen or application plate yet you can re-empower them for use at whatever point you require them.

5. Overhaul Apps


You ought to routinely overhaul your telephone’s introduced applications from Google Play. Attempt to get redesigns your applications when they are accessible in Google Play. Engineers fix bugs and include highlights in new discharged adaptations of applications. Overhauled applications perform better and quicker, and will more outlandish accident your telephone.


6. Utilize High-Speed Memory Card


The memory card is the storage room of your telephone. Telephones with low interior memory can get a support from high-limit memory cards for greatest storage room. In any case, it includes limit as well as pace to the blend. You can get between 2GB to 32GB worth of storage room to bolster rapid read/compose operations. Continuously go for memory cards of Class 6 or Class 10 for your Android telephone on the off chance that you look for execution for your telephone.


7. Keep Fewer Widgets


Gadgets are not applications, which just run once you enact them. No,widgets are continually running out of sight; they are dynamic constantly. While some Android clients use it to monitor the climate, and their vital dates, others use gadgets like ‘Augmented controls’ for snappy access for fundamental setups, for example, exchanging Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or their GPS on or off.


They do have their uses however remember that having an excess of them running on your homescreen will bring about your gadget’s execution to back off.


8. Maintain a strategic distance from Live Wallpapers


You must be adoring Android’s live wallpaper highlight. Telephones (from diverse producers) accompany distinctive live wallpapers however you ought to realize that live wallpapers that are seriously made will require more CPU cycles to run, thusdraining the battery quicker. Everytime you enact the home screen, you run your applications as well as your live wallpaper.


9. Quit Syncing


Sync is a decent component which synchronizes your information with Google servers. Keeping sync on, you can get notices at whatever point new mail comes in or when you get new notices or redesigns for applications. To do this, it does a revive at each preset interim (e.g. it checks your mail like clockwork for new approaching mail), and this will eat into your android’s execution for different exercises.


You can keep Sync off for unrequired administrations or just have it on when you have to exchange or transfer materials to Google servers.


10. Turn off Animations


What activitys? All things considered, in the event that you haven’t saw, your telephone screen really becomes dull and in as you change from one undertaking to the next. To see this in real life Go toSettings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. At that point pick Window Animation Scale again to see the blur in actuality in ‘moderate mo’.


When you pick Animation off, the screen just snaps to position without activity. You can likewise kill Transition Animation Scale similarly. In the event that you are an overwhelming client, you’d most likely notice that your Android performs speedier with all movements off.


Best Apps To Keep You Safe When Walking Alone

We as a general public have since a long time ago stressed the significance of self protection, yet there is no real way to totally kill all conceivable outcomes of being the objective of a savage wrongdoing, and self-preservation just goes in this way. Weapons can be utilized against you, and in spite of battle aides and tips being broadly accessible, numerous individuals basically don’t be able to have the capacity to battle out of an awful circumstance.

For the individuals who aren’t open to equipping themselves or don’t have sufficient energy to prepare physically, security can be a major concern. Luckily, in the event that you have entry to a cell phone, you have admittance to applications that can give some level of wellbeing, numerous with the assistance of GPS innovation.

I spent a couple of days this week in Los Angeles and utilized that as a chance to test out a couple. Here are four of the best applications to keep you safe while strolling alone, and my own encounters with them.

bSafe (Android | iPhone)

first bsafe image

It appears to be as though there is no limit to the elements that can be found on bSafe’s interface, from planning fake calls to sending companions your present area and cautioning them when you are in risk.

After establishment, bSafe will incite you to make a profile with your name, telephone number, email, and sexual orientation. From that point, you will be requested that add companions to your Social Safety Network. You can include the same number of as you would like, notwithstanding they must have bSafe also and acknowledge your welcome. One companion can be chosen as your essential contact, and they will get both a call and a content in the occasion of a crisis.

bsafe img 2

Area administrations must be empowered to utilize bSafe, which can deplete your battery. Your area can then be seen on the guide in the focal point of the screen. bSafe does appear to be slower to find the client than different applications, however there are three levels of amplification accessible, including satellite perspective.

Tail Me permits you to share your area and your course to your destination with companions in your Social Safety Network progressively. At the point when Follow Me is chosen, your Social Safety Network is sent welcomes to track you by means of live GPS follow. You get an alarm when a companion has acknowledged that welcome, so you know precisely who is keeping an eye out for you. A clock can be set too with this element, setting off a SOS ready being conveyed to your bSafe companions on the off chance that you neglect to weigh in after the clock closes.

bsafe img3

At last, Fake Call gives you a chance to timetable a fake call that rings your telephone. bSafe’s site recommends this for introductory engagements, be that as it may it wouldn’t be a terrible thought to calendar one in any case where you may be encompassed by new individuals. An advantageous motivation to pardon yourself from an uncomfortable or even risky circumstance can be a strict lifeline.

In the occasion of a crisis, one tap of the SOS Button at the base of the screen will quickly alarm your Social Safety Network. A siren may sound, contingent upon the client’s close to home settings, and bSafe will consequently start to record feature, voice, and area and time stamps. This information is put away in bSafe’s servers and can be securely gotten to if the client needed to impart these recordings to law implementation.

In spite of the fact that I have by and by been utilizing an alternate wellbeing application as a part of my normal life, bSafe is fabulous and may turn into my new essential application. With an extensive variety of capacities and alternatives, I just need to utilize one application instead of a few to meet my own inclinations. A fake call was extremely direct to plan, and my area was pretty much followed precisely as I ventured through Los Angeles.

bSafe is accessible for nothing for both iPhones and Android telephones. Notwithstanding, bSafe Premium is right now just an alternative in Norway and Sweden, however the engineers are attempting to dispatch the application in different nations also.

iGoSafely (Android)

igogsafely img 2

With a clean, sorted out interface and a mixed bag of novel elements, iGoSafely is a standout amongst the most easy to use wellbeing applications in the Google Play store. Composed as an improvement for previous individual wellbeing propensities, it ceaselessly tracks your GPS area while likewise showing indispensable subtle elements, for example, battery data, GPS signal quality, and system network.

In the wake of introducing the application, you will be requested that make a profile. From that point, you will be incited to include crisis contacts and after that set an incapacitate code to kill the caution in the event that it has been activated. Be that as it may, if the wrong incapacitate code is entered, the application will hush the caution while keeping on following your area and alarm your contacts.


The caution can be equipped at the tap of the catch, which will send an alarm to crisis contacts. When it is equipped, it can be initiated by either shaking your telephone or unplugging your earphones. Not at all like other wellbeing applications available, you don’t need to give yourself away by turning on your telephone’s screen to trigger the alert. Not just that, the application persistently tracks your area by means of GPS directions, permitting your crisis contacts to quickly and effectively discover you.

Albeit iGoSafely is free in the Google Play Store, the designers specify on their site that they are investigating paid alternatives later on. Be that as it may, all the center elements will stay accessible for no expense.

iGoSafely isn’t the most outwardly satisfying security application available, yet the data it accommodates the client is so point by point and the usefulness so smooth that the tasteful is all that much a non-issue. Unplugging your earphones to trigger the caution is additionally an innovative element, however I can see it setting off false alerts now and again.

Watch Over Me (Android | iPhone)


Co-made by Xinch C., a lady who had once been the objective of a seizing endeavor, Watch Over Me is intended to give you some true serenity when in circumstances that may be new or even perilous. Disappointed by few security alternatives beside a frenzy catch, the originators of Watch Over Me included a wide assortment of elements all intended to help the client stay mindful of their surroundings and stay traceable in the occasion of a crisis.

In any circumstance where you may stress for your wellbeing, you can empower the application by setting a clock. While the clock is numbering down, your area is being followed at all times by Watch Over Me’s following administration. You can likewise take pictures, include notes, or even request that a companion observe over you too.

In the event that you neglect to tap “I’m Safe” before the clock stops, a caution is conveyed to your crisis contacts that incorporates your careful area and any notes or pictures you may have included.


In the occasion of a crisis, an alert can be activated basically by shaking your telephone. A ready will be conveyed to your crisis contacts, a caution will boom, and the application will start to record feature.

At the point when entering a territory with an abnormal state of wrongdoing, Watch Over Me will alarm you. Not just that, avenues highlight security evaluations ascertained utilizing authority wrongdoing information.

In spite of the fact that Watch Over Me can be introduced for nothing, there is an additional paid capacity. Crisis alarms are sent to contacts through push warnings; nonetheless, for $4.99 a year, crisis cautions will likewise be conveyed to contacts by means of SMS.

My just objection with Watch Over Me, which is likely a non-issue for some clients, is that crippling area administrations will trigger a push notice advising you that the application can’t work without area administrations empowered.

The clock capacity is an awesome component and functions admirably, yet assessing the time you may spend strolling alone may be troublesome for a few clients. By and large, Watch Over Me is a phenomenal application

SafeTrek (Android | iPhone)


Maybe one of the least difficult individual security applications available, SafeTrek is additionally one of the most straightforward to utilize. It has one element: press your finger against the catch amidst the screen when you feel dangerous, then discharge when you feel safe again and enter your 4-digit PIN.

In the occasion of a crisis, expelling your thumb from the catch yet not entering your PIN will send a crisis alarm to the neighborhood police. While alternate applications on this rundown leave calling the police to crisis contacts, who could conceivably dependably see the ready in time, SafeTrek removes the go between by informing police itself. Be that as it may, it doesn’t record or film amid a crisis.


I have been utilizing SafeTrek myself for about a year and can verify the high caliber of the application, and also the convenience. Keeping your telephone close by may give some consolation, yet it might be hard to keep your finger on the catch for drawn out stretches of time, particularly when strolling.

SafeTrek likewise doesn’t have almost the same number of elements as the other wellbeing applications on this rundown. Still, I have an in number inclination for the interface.

On Safety and Victim-Blaming

While it is imperative to stay as sheltered as could be expected under the circumstances while strolling alone, it is additionally critical to note that not every predator is a conceal more abnormal stowing away in the shadows. As a general rule, predators are individuals we know and may even trust. They may be alluring, enchanting, and very much regarded by people around them. That is the thing that makes them hazardous and disheartens casualties from standing up.

In any case, these are brilliant applications for individual security when strolling alone. In any case, they may not suit each and every individual. Techniques for wellbeing are never one-size-fits all, nor are they ever totally idiot proof.

There is no real way to totally shield yourself from predators, but since of the solid social accentuation we put on self-preservation, casualties of rough wrongdoings — particularly ladies who walk alone — are regularly unreasonably rebuked for their own particular assaults.

iPhone 5S Problems and fixes

Most Common Iphone 5S Problems and their fixes

Common iPhone problems are a pain to deal with, and they can cause major headaches for any iPhone user. Apple has introduced iPhone 5S with IOS7 in a very short span of time. Many of the problems of IOS6 has been resolved in this series but still users have found some of the problems in these phones. Some of the problems and their fixes are introduced in this article.


Blue Screen of Death


Blue Screen of Death is abbreviated as BSOD.Mostly people see this bug when using PCs.This issue also comes with the iPhone 5S users in which the blue screen does not disappear no matter what technique you apply.






Experts have suggested some of the following solutions to this problem.

1)Exit or close the application properly before you press the home key.

2) Make sure to update all the applications installed on your phone.


Faulty Chargers


Users of iPhone 5S often seems complaining about charging problem with the charger. Either the charger is not charging the set or the cord might be faulty. In the same way sometimes the data don’t even transfer due to the faulty data cable.







Experts suggest buying new charger and the cord together to fix this issue.


Automatically Reboots

Another common problem which most of the users face is the rebooting of the phone. It happens when some unreliable application is executed in the phone.


Possible solution of this problem is the only use of applications downloaded from Apple’s app store and the updating of apps to work with IOS7.


Faulty Microphone of iPhone 5S

One more common problem which has been found in these sets is the faulty microphone. Actually this is not a software problem, though it’s a hardware problem. Based on the feedback from users, it has been found that this error occurs very occasionally.









Experts recommends that the microphone must not be packed with some plastic film before its first use. In the meantime try your phone by removing the case from your phone set.

If the problem persists, you can then visit the nearest Apple store for replacement.



Google’s eye-free interface for Android

Google has been working on the new feature for Android which will let you interact with your phone without consuming your attention.

This is done basically for the safe driving concept but for this google is working on the improvement of effective voice related issues.

The feature would allow you to search from anywhere by speaking a request, even if you’re using an app or if the screen is locked. This always-on voice search would also work when the phone is turned off while it’s charging.

A design concept of Google’s eye-free interface:

According to this design concept the you don’t need to grab the phone for carryout searches and perform simple tasks.


When in this “eyes-free” mode, Google would speak aloud search results in a more detailed manner than it does today. For example, instead of just reciting the weather forecast, Google would read the whole card out loud.

If your question only pulls up search results rather than a direct answer from Google, the feature will suggest that you save those results for later or exit “eyes-free” mode when it’s safe to do so.

In some instances, Google will also take the initiative to complete tasks automatically. For example Google will automatically hit the send button if it is not pressed within specific time limit.

Android Police didn’t specify how Google decides whether to act on its own or wait for your confirmation, but did make it seem like this would only be an occasional occurrence. In most cases, users would vocally confirm or press a button to perform an action manually.









The feature is being referred to as KITT internally. The voice search screen consists of a black background with a red or blue circle indicating whether or not Google is listening for a search query or speaking the results.


The rumor appears just as previous reports have suggested that Google has some radical changes in store for Android. The company may roll out a new program called Android Silver, which could replace Google’s Nexus line of smartphones. Google would partner with Android device makers to create special handsets that run on a pure version of Android and come with extra features and support—such as 24/7 help via Google Hangouts.

We’re expecting to learn more about Android, Google’s wearable devices and Chrome at its upcoming I/O developer event on June 25,2014.

android security

Some ways to protect your Android Device



It assumes that malware may attack your android devices but the biggest threat to your android devices are the unauthorized user access to your information. Following are some of the ways to protect your android device data.


Lock the Device:

One should apply a pattern-code or PIN code to restrict the unauthorized access of android phone.In pattern locking, the authorized person apply a specific pattern to unlock the phone.Simmilarly in PIN based system,authorized user can apply some code to unlock the phone. It is also a good practice to wipe the screen with the cloth after applying the PIN code or Pattern-code.

In the same way,it is also not recommended to leave the device unattended because nothing stopping people from picking it up and see your important information.










Best Ways to Lock your Android


Security Software Installation:

Currently there are various security tools available to make sure the security of the device. Most Android security tools do more than just scan for malicious apps. The tools can detect potential phishing Websites, provides information about the kind of permissions other apps are requesting, and have a variety of built-in anti-loss tools. Many security products on the market lets you remotely lock your phone, track its location via GPS, and even remotely wipe all the data from the device.



Avoid Rooting the Device:

People used to root their devices to gain many advantages. Like for example to install such software which the operating system does not allow in normal conditions.Simmilarly to upgrade to the new version of operation system.

By doing so,some malicious softwares are also get installed in the device and gain root access.
















Date Encryption:

Another great feature of Android devices are their full encryption technique to protect all the data.Through this technique any unauthorized user could not access any data without applying the right password or PIN.

To enable encryption user will need to follow the following instruction.

To enable this option just go to Settings->>Security->>Check Enable Encryption.



Date Backup:

It is always recommended that you always backup your phone data,contacts and settings in regular intervals against google servers or by connecting directly to a computer.In case of some emergency you will be able to restore the information from the cloud service or from your computer.










How to backup data on Android devices



modding android

Modding an Android Phone

Modding an Android Phone


If you want to mod your android phone for better performance and up gradation then we are going to teach your some very important information.


1. What is Android firmware?


Firmware is the operating system running in your phone and it is very important to find out the operating system version before modding.

2. How do I check my firmware?

To check your firmware, on the home screen, tap the menu button and select “Settings”.

Scroll down all the way until you see the option “About Phone”. Tap on it and you will see the Android version.








3. What is Root?

Several apps on android phone requires the root access of your phone so it is very important to know what is root?


Basically rooting gives you the administrator privilege to access the internal settings of the operating system. With the help of these privileges you can do those tasks which you can not do without having such privileges like installing apps to the SD card, removing some unwanted applications and more other stuff like that.









4. How do I root my phone?

As name defines, rooting process depends on the model of the phone that you are using. Several sets are easier to root while some are difficult to root.Like for example Nexus One is the easiest to root while DroidX is little difficult to root due to some protection mechanism.

There are some great apps that provide the rooting solution like SuperOneClick and Unrevoked. One can try these applications for rooting.









All you need to do is to connect your phone to the computer (via USB cable and enable USB debugging) and run the application. Click the “ROOT” button and it will do all the dirty stuff for you.


5. What is custom ROM?


Custom ROM is basically the customized form of Google made operating system.Basically developers and Phone vendors has customized the google operating system and make is available into a installable format.This format is called ROM.










Some of the popular custom ROMs are CyanogenModShadowROM etc


6. How to install Custom ROM?

Before you can install custom ROM, you MUST first root your phone.

The easiest way to install custom ROM is via the ROM Manager app in the market (market link).













After you have rooted your phone and installed ROM Manager. Open ROM Manager. Follow the steps below:

1. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

2. Backup Current ROM. This will restart your phone.

3. Download ROM.

4. Install ROM from SD Card.

The whole installation process is automated, so you just have to sit back and relax.


7. Backing up your data


If you want to have the new ROM,then your have to remove all the data from your phone except the SD card data.

In the same way you can use an app namely Titanium Backup to backup/restore data. Once you have rooted your phone and installed Titanium Backup, you can then backup your apps, together with its data and settings.






8. How to backup your current ROM

Before you attempt to install custom ROM, it is best to backup your current ROM so that you can restore to it if the installation of custom ROM failed, or you don’t like the newly installed ROM.

Install ROM Manager. Run Backup Current ROM from its list of options and your are done.




jailbreak iphone

Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch


  • What is Jailbreaking?


Jailbreaking is a process that enable your ios based device to run unauthorized code.After jailbreaking process you can access the files and processes which Apple does not allow in the normal condition.

After jailbreaking your device could access a new app store beside the traditional app store.

The new app store namely Cydia,contains apps,tweaks and extensions that are designed for jailbreaking devices.These apps are not available in the normal app store.

With the help of Cydia apps,you can create a whole new feel for your device.You can create new sounds,apply themes and get control over your device.


  • How Jailbreaking the device benefits the user?

After jailbreaking the device,the user got the ability to change the ios experience.By using Cydia app store,many applications that are not approved by Apple will be right at your fingertips.

Thanks to the jailbreak community and Cydia app developers a jailbroken phone can be modified to look nothing like the iOS that Apple wants its users to see. Popular theming app WinterBoard serves as a fine example of the capabilities of a jailbroken device. This application allows a user to change the look of the unlock screen, siri, icons, and other assorted parts of iOS. This, of course, isn’t the only option available on Cydia, just one of the more well-renowned ones.

Jailbreaking isn’t just limited to theming though. Certain tweaks and extensions allow apps to access previously inaccessible system functions and settings. Some of the mods available are more subtle than others, changing small things like notification styles or the number of icons shown on the multitasking menu. With the entirety of the iOS operating system open applications have a lot more freedom, meaning the user has a lot more freedom.

Jailbreaking also opens up the possibility of ‘unlocking’ your iPhone. What’s the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking? Well, jailbreaking allows apps, tweaks, and mods greater access to parts of the iOS system; unlocking you iPhone can actually open it for use on a different network entirely (as long as the radios are compatible).


  • Does Jailbreaking Void my Warranty?

Technically, jailbreaking any Apple device will void the warranty on the device – that is, as long as the device is jailbroken. Taking a jailbroken device into an Apple store for support will likely get you nowhere. Apple acknowledges that a user is legally free to jailbreak their devices, but that doesn’t mean they have to support a device that is jailbroken.

That being said, it is possible to revert a jailbroken device back to its factory setting through iTunes. Using iTunes to undo your jailbreak will bring the device back to the way it was when it was first activated. Once the device is reset to factory settings, Apple will not be able to tell if the device was previously jailbroken – this means you can get all of the Apple support you need.


  • What’s The Difference Between Jailbreaking and Unlocking?

Unlocking allows you to use your device on a different carrier’s network – for example, using an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile. Jailbreaking is a necessary first step to unlocking a device for use on another network though. After jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll have to run a program to unlock it.

  • Can I Still Use iTunes And The App Store After Jailbreaking?

Absolutely. Jailbreaking your device does not affect its access to iTunes or the App Store. When the device is initially jailbroken you won’t see much of a change outside of the addition of the Cydia App store. You’ll still be free to download apps through the App Store and connect your device to iTunes.


  • What if I Want to Update iOS After Jailbreaking?

If your iOS device is jailbroken and you want to update to the latest, you will have to sacrifice your jailbreak capabilities. When updated, the device will be restored to a factory kind of setting (saving your apps of course) with the updated version of iOS installed. For users that rely heavily on their jailbreak modifications, it may not be advisable to update their device to the latest iOS version.

Fortunately, the iOS hacking community is very active and more often than not an updated jailbreak will be created soon after the release of the updated iOS. Sometimes we even see and update jailbroken while it is still in beta, before it is even released. Apple does actively fight against these jailbreakers though, sometimes by releasing hotfixes and updates to beta software to negate the security holes these hackers use to jailbreak a device.


  • What Are The Different Types of Jailbreaks?

There are three different types of jailbreaks: tethered, semi-tethered, and untethered. Each method creates a different kind of jailbreak scenario.

Tethered jailbreaking is the least desirable of the three kinds. With a tethered jailbreak you cannot reboot the device without doing a tethered boot. This means that you must be around a computer to successfully boot the device – without a connection to a computer you device will not boot. If your device reboots when you aren’t around a computer you’re out of luck.

Semi-tethered jailbreaking is more desirable than a tethered jailbreak, but less than untethered. A device that uses a semi-tethered jailbreak will be able to reboot, but may lose some of its functionality after a boot. Cydia may inaccessible, along with other jailbreak apps (sometimes even stock apps). You must perform a tethered boot to restore full device functionality.

Untethered Jailbreaking is the most desirable and common method of jailbreaking. It takes a little more work for hackers to get an iOS device to this point, but the device will not lose its jailbreak functionality regardless of reboots.


  • Does it Cost Money to Jailbreak?

In no situation should you pay for jailbreaking. Hackers that develop the tools to jailbreak your iOS device release it for free. There are websites around that attempt to scam users into paying for jailbreaking – do not, by any means, trust these sites.

Anything jailbreak can be done for free.