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modding android

Modding an Android Phone

Modding an Android Phone


If you want to mod your android phone for better performance and up gradation then we are going to teach your some very important information.


1. What is Android firmware?


Firmware is the operating system running in your phone and it is very important to find out the operating system version before modding.

2. How do I check my firmware?

To check your firmware, on the home screen, tap the menu button and select “Settings”.

Scroll down all the way until you see the option “About Phone”. Tap on it and you will see the Android version.








3. What is Root?

Several apps on android phone requires the root access of your phone so it is very important to know what is root?


Basically rooting gives you the administrator privilege to access the internal settings of the operating system. With the help of these privileges you can do those tasks which you can not do without having such privileges like installing apps to the SD card, removing some unwanted applications and more other stuff like that.









4. How do I root my phone?

As name defines, rooting process depends on the model of the phone that you are using. Several sets are easier to root while some are difficult to root.Like for example Nexus One is the easiest to root while DroidX is little difficult to root due to some protection mechanism.

There are some great apps that provide the rooting solution like SuperOneClick and Unrevoked. One can try these applications for rooting.









All you need to do is to connect your phone to the computer (via USB cable and enable USB debugging) and run the application. Click the “ROOT” button and it will do all the dirty stuff for you.


5. What is custom ROM?


Custom ROM is basically the customized form of Google made operating system.Basically developers and Phone vendors has customized the google operating system and make is available into a installable format.This format is called ROM.










Some of the popular custom ROMs are CyanogenModShadowROM etc


6. How to install Custom ROM?

Before you can install custom ROM, you MUST first root your phone.

The easiest way to install custom ROM is via the ROM Manager app in the market (market link).













After you have rooted your phone and installed ROM Manager. Open ROM Manager. Follow the steps below:

1. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

2. Backup Current ROM. This will restart your phone.

3. Download ROM.

4. Install ROM from SD Card.

The whole installation process is automated, so you just have to sit back and relax.


7. Backing up your data


If you want to have the new ROM,then your have to remove all the data from your phone except the SD card data.

In the same way you can use an app namely Titanium Backup to backup/restore data. Once you have rooted your phone and installed Titanium Backup, you can then backup your apps, together with its data and settings.






8. How to backup your current ROM

Before you attempt to install custom ROM, it is best to backup your current ROM so that you can restore to it if the installation of custom ROM failed, or you don’t like the newly installed ROM.

Install ROM Manager. Run Backup Current ROM from its list of options and your are done.




jailbreak iphone

Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch


  • What is Jailbreaking?


Jailbreaking is a process that enable your ios based device to run unauthorized code.After jailbreaking process you can access the files and processes which Apple does not allow in the normal condition.

After jailbreaking your device could access a new app store beside the traditional app store.

The new app store namely Cydia,contains apps,tweaks and extensions that are designed for jailbreaking devices.These apps are not available in the normal app store.

With the help of Cydia apps,you can create a whole new feel for your device.You can create new sounds,apply themes and get control over your device.


  • How Jailbreaking the device benefits the user?

After jailbreaking the device,the user got the ability to change the ios experience.By using Cydia app store,many applications that are not approved by Apple will be right at your fingertips.

Thanks to the jailbreak community and Cydia app developers a jailbroken phone can be modified to look nothing like the iOS that Apple wants its users to see. Popular theming app WinterBoard serves as a fine example of the capabilities of a jailbroken device. This application allows a user to change the look of the unlock screen, siri, icons, and other assorted parts of iOS. This, of course, isn’t the only option available on Cydia, just one of the more well-renowned ones.

Jailbreaking isn’t just limited to theming though. Certain tweaks and extensions allow apps to access previously inaccessible system functions and settings. Some of the mods available are more subtle than others, changing small things like notification styles or the number of icons shown on the multitasking menu. With the entirety of the iOS operating system open applications have a lot more freedom, meaning the user has a lot more freedom.

Jailbreaking also opens up the possibility of ‘unlocking’ your iPhone. What’s the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking? Well, jailbreaking allows apps, tweaks, and mods greater access to parts of the iOS system; unlocking you iPhone can actually open it for use on a different network entirely (as long as the radios are compatible).


  • Does Jailbreaking Void my Warranty?

Technically, jailbreaking any Apple device will void the warranty on the device – that is, as long as the device is jailbroken. Taking a jailbroken device into an Apple store for support will likely get you nowhere. Apple acknowledges that a user is legally free to jailbreak their devices, but that doesn’t mean they have to support a device that is jailbroken.

That being said, it is possible to revert a jailbroken device back to its factory setting through iTunes. Using iTunes to undo your jailbreak will bring the device back to the way it was when it was first activated. Once the device is reset to factory settings, Apple will not be able to tell if the device was previously jailbroken – this means you can get all of the Apple support you need.


  • What’s The Difference Between Jailbreaking and Unlocking?

Unlocking allows you to use your device on a different carrier’s network – for example, using an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile. Jailbreaking is a necessary first step to unlocking a device for use on another network though. After jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll have to run a program to unlock it.

  • Can I Still Use iTunes And The App Store After Jailbreaking?

Absolutely. Jailbreaking your device does not affect its access to iTunes or the App Store. When the device is initially jailbroken you won’t see much of a change outside of the addition of the Cydia App store. You’ll still be free to download apps through the App Store and connect your device to iTunes.


  • What if I Want to Update iOS After Jailbreaking?

If your iOS device is jailbroken and you want to update to the latest, you will have to sacrifice your jailbreak capabilities. When updated, the device will be restored to a factory kind of setting (saving your apps of course) with the updated version of iOS installed. For users that rely heavily on their jailbreak modifications, it may not be advisable to update their device to the latest iOS version.

Fortunately, the iOS hacking community is very active and more often than not an updated jailbreak will be created soon after the release of the updated iOS. Sometimes we even see and update jailbroken while it is still in beta, before it is even released. Apple does actively fight against these jailbreakers though, sometimes by releasing hotfixes and updates to beta software to negate the security holes these hackers use to jailbreak a device.


  • What Are The Different Types of Jailbreaks?

There are three different types of jailbreaks: tethered, semi-tethered, and untethered. Each method creates a different kind of jailbreak scenario.

Tethered jailbreaking is the least desirable of the three kinds. With a tethered jailbreak you cannot reboot the device without doing a tethered boot. This means that you must be around a computer to successfully boot the device – without a connection to a computer you device will not boot. If your device reboots when you aren’t around a computer you’re out of luck.

Semi-tethered jailbreaking is more desirable than a tethered jailbreak, but less than untethered. A device that uses a semi-tethered jailbreak will be able to reboot, but may lose some of its functionality after a boot. Cydia may inaccessible, along with other jailbreak apps (sometimes even stock apps). You must perform a tethered boot to restore full device functionality.

Untethered Jailbreaking is the most desirable and common method of jailbreaking. It takes a little more work for hackers to get an iOS device to this point, but the device will not lose its jailbreak functionality regardless of reboots.


  • Does it Cost Money to Jailbreak?

In no situation should you pay for jailbreaking. Hackers that develop the tools to jailbreak your iOS device release it for free. There are websites around that attempt to scam users into paying for jailbreaking – do not, by any means, trust these sites.

Anything jailbreak can be done for free.