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Some ways to protect your Android Device



It assumes that malware may attack your android devices but the biggest threat to your android devices are the unauthorized user access to your information. Following are some of the ways to protect your android device data.


Lock the Device:

One should apply a pattern-code or PIN code to restrict the unauthorized access of android phone.In pattern locking, the authorized person apply a specific pattern to unlock the phone.Simmilarly in PIN based system,authorized user can apply some code to unlock the phone. It is also a good practice to wipe the screen with the cloth after applying the PIN code or Pattern-code.

In the same way,it is also not recommended to leave the device unattended because nothing stopping people from picking it up and see your important information.










Best Ways to Lock your Android


Security Software Installation:

Currently there are various security tools available to make sure the security of the device. Most Android security tools do more than just scan for malicious apps. The tools can detect potential phishing Websites, provides information about the kind of permissions other apps are requesting, and have a variety of built-in anti-loss tools. Many security products on the market lets you remotely lock your phone, track its location via GPS, and even remotely wipe all the data from the device.



Avoid Rooting the Device:

People used to root their devices to gain many advantages. Like for example to install such software which the operating system does not allow in normal conditions.Simmilarly to upgrade to the new version of operation system.

By doing so,some malicious softwares are also get installed in the device and gain root access.
















Date Encryption:

Another great feature of Android devices are their full encryption technique to protect all the data.Through this technique any unauthorized user could not access any data without applying the right password or PIN.

To enable encryption user will need to follow the following instruction.

To enable this option just go to Settings->>Security->>Check Enable Encryption.



Date Backup:

It is always recommended that you always backup your phone data,contacts and settings in regular intervals against google servers or by connecting directly to a computer.In case of some emergency you will be able to restore the information from the cloud service or from your computer.










How to backup data on Android devices