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iPhone 5S Problems and fixes

Most Common Iphone 5S Problems and their fixes

Common iPhone problems are a pain to deal with, and they can cause major headaches for any iPhone user. Apple has introduced iPhone 5S with IOS7 in a very short span of time. Many of the problems of IOS6 has been resolved in this series but still users have found some of the problems in these phones. Some of the problems and their fixes are introduced in this article.


Blue Screen of Death


Blue Screen of Death is abbreviated as BSOD.Mostly people see this bug when using PCs.This issue also comes with the iPhone 5S users in which the blue screen does not disappear no matter what technique you apply.






Experts have suggested some of the following solutions to this problem.

1)Exit or close the application properly before you press the home key.

2) Make sure to update all the applications installed on your phone.


Faulty Chargers


Users of iPhone 5S often seems complaining about charging problem with the charger. Either the charger is not charging the set or the cord might be faulty. In the same way sometimes the data don’t even transfer due to the faulty data cable.







Experts suggest buying new charger and the cord together to fix this issue.


Automatically Reboots

Another common problem which most of the users face is the rebooting of the phone. It happens when some unreliable application is executed in the phone.


Possible solution of this problem is the only use of applications downloaded from Apple’s app store and the updating of apps to work with IOS7.


Faulty Microphone of iPhone 5S

One more common problem which has been found in these sets is the faulty microphone. Actually this is not a software problem, though it’s a hardware problem. Based on the feedback from users, it has been found that this error occurs very occasionally.









Experts recommends that the microphone must not be packed with some plastic film before its first use. In the meantime try your phone by removing the case from your phone set.

If the problem persists, you can then visit the nearest Apple store for replacement.